Why? Because of Elizabeth Van Buren Essential Oils MRSA kit!

My name is Susan Clingingsmith. I have been married for 44 years, a mother of five children and grandmother of 14 beautiful grandchildren.  I am currently continuing my studies at the College of Botanical Healing Arts.  People have often heard me say, “I can never complain that my life is dull or boring!  It’s filled with such joys & sorrows; but so fulfilling.”  One important area is health. Having a large family, visits to emergency rooms and/or stays in a hospital are par for the course.  We had always naïvely assumed in the past that these were places of cleanliness and healing. Unfortunately, the life-altering truth has become reality.  My daughter-in-law entered the hospital in labor several years ago with the excitement of knowing she would leave as healthy as she went in.  But, regretfully, she not only contracted the devastating bacterial infection MRSA but also passed it to her beautiful new child.  With no known cure or treatment for already infected patients, their lives will always be influenced with this horrific infection, sadly knowing it was preventable.  Regrettably, this preventable contamination increases exponentially across our country today.  Now, every time a family member has to seek help at a health care facility the awful sense is, ‘be alert; watch for clean hands; sanitize!’  Please don’t get me wrong, my husband is a retired Firefighter and we both have been certified EMT’s.  I very much appreciate the health care field and their commitment to their profession but protocol has failed us more than once.  But now, when these situations arise, I have peace of mind knowing my loved ones are protected.  Why? Because of Elizabeth Van Buren Essential Oils MRSA kit.  This kit provides me not only with the peace of mind that it eliminates the MRSA bacteria but is thorough in covering almost all aspects of contamination with the spray, soap and lotion.  Every time I use this kit I have health care staff ask what I’m using and want to know more about the product, research etc. I know Elizabeth Jones and her team have spent years of research perfecting the combination of essential oils in their quest to destroy this potentially deadly contaminant.  I, for one, am very grateful for their dedication and their great knowledge and understanding of working with nature in fighting diseases and keeping us healthy and strong.

Susan ClingingsmithSanta Cruz, CA
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