It is my pleasure to introduce to you the finest essential oils in the United States.

Elizabeth Van Buren is a comprehensive line of botanical products that are based on therapeutic grade essential oils. Every batch is tested using the GC/MS analysis. This insures the essential oils are consistently medical-grade quality.

We have been in business for over 32 years. Our products are used in major hospitals, clinics, cancer centers and massage therapists and resort spas.

We offer a full catalog of single note essential oils. Lavender, Peppermint, and Orange are best sellers as well as Juniper, Bergamot, and Tea Tree.

We also carry a line of Therapeutic Blends. These are created on science-based evidence of efficacy and selected for the synergistic effects of the oils that are blended together. Our most popular are Stress Relief, After Sport, Sleep, and Cold/Flu.

Our carrier products include luxurious blends of massage oils and 100% plant-based AromaLotion as well as pure nut oils. These are available in 8oz Retail packaged bottles.

Elizabeth Van Buren essential oils can be diffused into the air for an Aromatherapy experience or applied directly to the skin using one of our carrier products for a more therapeutic effect.


May great health be yours!