Break the Cycle

Break the Cycle is a blend of 5 unique essential oils and is based on the mind-body loop called the ACTH loop. This is an endocrine system loop from the hypothalamus (CRF) to the pituitary gland (ACTH) to the adrenals, which secrete the hormone cortisol. This hormone depresses the immune system, raises blood pressure, and increases fat obsessions deposits around the abdominal region.

This blend has Frankincense, which regulates the hypothalamus and helps us to let go of the past. It contains emotionally uplifting oils such as Bergamot and Angelica.

Galbanum benefits the body's chronic conditions and relieves nervous tension and stress. Use this blend to break the negative mind-hormone cycle! Additional essential oils include: Rose Absolute. In a jojoba oil base.


Roll on/rub 3-4 drops on skin.

10 drops can be added to 1 oz massage oil or lotion and applied to the body.

10 drops of Break the Cycle can be added to the bath.


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