Spectrix Lab

At Spectrix Labs, our interests and instrumentation are devoted to and optimized for the analysis of essential oils and fragrances. They all key into each other to understand essential oil adulteration and fragrance de-convolution. All analytical work is done by GC/MS, the instrument of choice for essential oil and fragrance analysis.

Essential Oil analysis, Spectrix Lab analyses for purity and quality:

  • Non fragrant solvents.
  • Parts of inexpensive essential oils.
  • Synthetic “nature identical” essential oil components.
  • Synthetic fragrance materials and their isomers.
  • Synthesis by-products of nature identical and fragrance components.
  • Fermentation products.
  • Oxidation products.
  • Fractional distillation.
  • Other chemical treatment.


Spectrix Lab’s analysis is also used to determine quality. Plant quality, harvest and productions technique has a lot to do with quality. Environmental conditions also directly affect the percentages of each component of the essential oil. Botanical variety, chemo-type identification and origin are also a part of quality determination.

The “Organic” Dilemma:

I have found the same level of adulteration in organic essential oils as non-organic. The term “certified organic” has become an overused word that may and may not mean the essential oil is pure and/or high quality. Analysis is the only really objective way to know. Certified organic applies to the plant, not the oil because essential oil is an extracted and processed product.

I hope this is helpful to understand something of the extent we go to in assuring you, the customer, the value, safety and effectiveness of the work we do at Spectrix Labs.

Lawrence Jones
Analyst and Owner

Spectrix GC/MS Lab