GC/MS Analysis

GC/MS analysis is the key to understand essential oil adulteration and fragrance de-convolution. All analytical work is done by GC/MS, the instrument of choice for essential oil and fragrance analysis.

Essential Oil analysis for purity and quality:

  • Non fragrant solvents.
  • Parts of inexpensive essential oils.
  • Synthetic “nature identical” essential oil components.
  • Synthetic fragrance materials and their isomers.
  • Synthesis by-products of nature identical and fragrance components.
  • Fermentation products.
  • Oxidation products.
  • Fractional distillation.
  • Other chemical treatment.


The GC/MS analysis is also used to determine quality. Plant quality, harvest and productions technique has a lot to do with quality. Environmental conditions also directly affect the percentages of each component of the essential oil. Botanical variety, chemo-type identification and origin are also a part of quality determination.