The Van Buren Difference


Recognized as a world leader in therapeutic grade essential oils, Elizabeth Van Buren takes great pride in assuring each oil is the purest and most effective. We do this by seeking superior sources of oils, using the ultimate in analysis techniques, and offering access to excellent educational resources.

Start With the Plants
We are continually researching the world’s best growers and distillers of essential oils. Just as it is important to farm and harvest plants cultivated in the best terrain, it is also important to use the most advanced distillation methods. Quality oils are the result.

Uphold Rigorous Standards
To promise you that the oils are unadulterated in any way, Elizabeth Van Buren tests every oil. Every sample and batch is analyzed in our laboratory with the most sophisticated scientific method using our GC/MS (Gas Chromatograph/ Mass Spectrometer). We were the first company in the U.S.! Only with thorough GC/MS analysis can we guarantee you unaltered, highest quality, correct chemotype, 100% pure essential oils.

Therapeutic for Your Skin
Our quest for purity does not exist only for essential oils. Our skin care line also is truly nurturing and therapeutic. Many products in the market place today are formulated with petroleum derived synthetics which may cause allergies and adverse reactions. We use plant-derived emulsifiers and preservatives. Elizabeth Van Buren puts 100% pure and natural in the bottle, not just on the label.

Commitment to Education
Pure effective products and education are keys to your successful essential oil therapy program. Our founder, Elizabeth Jones, is the Director of the College of Botanical Healing Arts, a 440-hour program on essential oils study. We are known for our knowledge of the healing qualities of essential oils.

You can find our Top Quality products in these Hospital locations:

  • St. John’s/Ascension Health
  • Northern Westchester Hospital
  • New York Presbyterian
  • Mid-Columbia Medical Center
  • Columbia Memorial Hospital
  • Hospice of Central Coast California

And many Health and Wellness practitioners.

The Elizabeth Van Buren story does not end here. We are committed to serving your special needs. Please call 1.800.710.7759 for further information.