Over all I am very pleased in all aspects of EVB. It is the 1st time I ever used essential oils where I did not have an allergic reaction.

Jodi M.

Your sleep blend works wonders! The Bergamot oil is wonderful for soothing anxious patients. 

Donna D.

As a professional I appreciate the high quality of EVB’s products. I also find their staff to be helpful and friendly. I recommend their products to my clients and co-workers for therapeutic use.

P. Plodek

Menopause blend works wonders!! 

Donna S.

Your E.O’s are many of the finest I have ever purchased.

Jane S.

Most often I use the transition blend directly on the patient’s skin.  I like to use the soles of the feet, the hands, the forehead and the heart chakra.  I will either start with a foot massage, and mix the blend with lotion, or I may put the blend directly on the sole of the foot, or acupoint Kidney 1, which is used for grounding. 

 I have found the frankincense essential oil very good for my Acutonic sessions as it has such a deeply meditative aroma. Last week another nurse and I visited one of our patients in a hospice home in San Francisco. She was going to do massage for the patient and I was doing Acutonics.  

We decided to do our treatments simultaneously.  She was using massage lotion that she had added transition blend to and I used the frankincense on my palms prior to starting.  The patient’s room was quite small and we had limited space on only one side and head of the bed.  Amazingly, between the aromas, the sounds of the tuning forks and Tibetan bowl a sacred space was created.

 We lost track of time and space and at the conclusion of the session the patient stated he felt we had all been working together in a beautiful way.  We wholeheartedly agreed and we ALL felt more relaxed and calm.  She and I floated back to the office knowing we had had quite a spiritual experience.

Thank you for all your support and help with our integrative therapy program and your wonderful oils – Esther J. 

Esther J.

My customers often prefer Elizabeth Van Buren essential oils to other brands. They are always willing to help and advise me of upcoming specials which are greatly appreciated.


Kathy S.

The remedies I used to treat my adult acne ranged from topical creams to oral medications. Some were prescribed by the dermatologist; others were purchased over-the-counter.

After spending countless dollars on health insurance co-pays as well as popular cosmetic brands, I simply gave up. I refused follow-up treatments with the ineffective dermatologist and threw away a cabinet full of medicine.
I decided I would get regular facials, maybe even a chemical peel when needed, and stick to a regimen that included a few products.

I learned about Elizabeth Van Buren’s essential oils during an appointment at Nordstrom Spa. The aesthetician applied your tea tree during my facial, and I purchased a bottle before leaving.Over the next few weeks anytime I had a break out, which often consisted of painful, under-the-skin cystic pimples, I applied tea tree that night. The next day the pimple disappeared.

This wasn’t my first time using tea tree for its antibacterial properties, but it is the first time that it worked. I had used unknown brands picked up in the local natural store as well as tea tree from one of my favorite retailers The Body Shop. But I saw no improvement.

When purchasing my recent order, I volunteered to write this testimonial.  Just like I told the extremely helpful service representative I don’t know what the differentiating factor is when it comes to manufacturing oils, but Elizabeth Van Buren oils has exceeded the norm – Tamera A. –11/13/0.


Tamera A.

Her product comes highly recommended for quality and purity.  I look forward to using it.

Elizabeth M.

I am very satisfied with the quality of Elizabeth Van Buren products. I will continue to buy from this company

Kathleen K.