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To promise you that our oils are unadulterated, every sample and batch is analyzed in a laboratory using Gas Chromatograph/ Mass Spectrometer.  This guarantees correct chemo-type, highest quality, unadulterated 100% pure essential oils.

We offer over 70 different therapeutic quality essential oils from around the world and more than 20 therapeutic blends!

Gift Sets and Therapeutic Kits

EVB Gift Sets and Therapeutic Kits are the ideal gift for either the experienced practitioner or the new enthusiast. Gift sets provide excellent savings on our most popular items.

Cold and Flu Kit

Our Cold and Flu Set is on special this month for 10% off. Contains Tea Tree and Eucalyptus pure essential oils, our Cold and Flu Blend and a Lavender Hydrosol in an organza bag.

January Citrus Specials -Take 15% Off

Grapefruit (Citrus x paradisi) has a Citrus, fresh, light, sweet, fruity scent that is balancing, cleansing, energizing, inspiring, reviving, uplifting, and slightly euphoric.

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) has a Lemon-like, grassy, tart, crisp, earthy, citrus scent that aids concentration and relieves exhaustion and is uplifting and stimulating.

Orange  (Citrus sinensis)  has a Citrus, fruity, light, sweet, balsamic scent that dispels stress, nervous tension, anger, and anxiety as well as being inspiring and bringing a positive outlook.

Neroli Hydrosol (Citrus x aurantium L. amara.) This refreshing hydrosol is especially beneficial for uplifting emotions and improving elasticity of dry skin. Spritz on daily.

Cold and Flu Blend is a blend of 6 pure essential oils in a jojoba oil base that brings fiery anti-mucous properties together to reinforce the body’s systems against illness.



The Scientific Approach

Our assurance of quality standards is proven by the sophisticated scientific method of GC/MS analysis. EVB essential oils are distilled or extracted from a single botanical variety without synthetic or natural adulterations.

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"I learned at COBHA that among many oils that can give respiratory relief to asthma and COPD patients, Rose was particularly soothing. I prepared a bowl of hot steamy water for my father to try this. Being physically sensitive as well as emotionally sensitive, we are dealing with his only attachment on earth, his LUNGS, ....."